Jun 13 2013

Latest Releases And Hit Singles From The Greatest

Are you a music lover? If so, this is a great time to become familiar with the many chart toppers that have recently been released. Regardless of the specific genre you are a fan of, whether it be country, rock, pop, or R&B, the fact remains that there has never been a better time to be a music fan. So what are some of the most popular songs on the charts right now?

Currently, when it comes to the popular Billboard Hot 100 songs for this week, the song “Can’t Hold Us” by Read more »

Apr 15 2013

Keep Up With The Greatest Recording Artists

If listening to music is one of your passions, you probably wish that you could keep up with all of the newest and greatest songs all the time. Although it can certainly be difficult to keep up with the newest songs from all of your favorite artists, there are some great ways to keep up with all of the greatest recording artists.

First of all, make sure that you use the Internet to your advantage if you want to keep up with all of your favorite recording Read more »

Oct 15 2012

Catching deadmau5 on Television – Better than Nothing

Back in the day your parents had ELO. ELO or the Electric Light Orchestra was a sound and a visual experience like no other. Then came Daft Punk, the spiritual successor to the kind of showmanship that ELO made famous. Now a new contender has stepped into the electronic music arena and his name is deadmau5.

Well, technically his name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman but to his fans he is known as the “dead mouse.” Deadmau5 has experienced a kind of meteoric rise in popularity in recent years even going so far as to have his concerts available on Netflix and even choice channels through http://www.cable-tv.com/.

His concerts are often described by those that attend as digital and audial ecstasy. A kind of drug for the ears that inspires a euphoric state. You can’t help but be swept up in his concerts as he lays down some digital tracks that shake the stands and synchronize with the computerized, psychedelic imagery. Your eyes, ears and brain are assaulted simultaneously by this three-pronged attack and you are left to pick up the pieces.

You really should get acquainted with this man if you haven’t already. And sure, while you can catch his concerts on television, you have not lived until you’ve experienced one live.

May 07 2012

Music Music Music And All Things Music

As the years have gone by the musical styles and influences of the decades are like history. If the modern age has had any single mark of its greatness, it has been the artists and musicians that have sung the songs of the changing world. Songs of freedom, songs of liberation, songs of anarchy, and songs of innocence have been sung by the fans all over the world. Today is no different than in decades past. In fact, the music of today is Read more »

May 06 2012

The Latest Releases From Your Favorite Artist

The latest releases from electronica artist Skrillex are available online for fans to download now. The greatly anticipated new EP and Digital album from Sonny Moore aka Skrillex has just become available on the fan website, it is titled Bangarang. A list of wild new remix singles are part of the new EP including the title track Bangarang that features guest artist Sirah and the electronica collaboration of The Doors with Skrillex titled Breakin’ a Sweat. Other songs feature guest appearances by Ellie Goulding, Wolfgang Gatner, 12th Planet, Kill the Noise, and Read more »

May 02 2012

Keeping Up With All The Latest Releases

It seems as if new music is coming out all of the time. It’s very hard to keep up on all of the newest releases. So many artists these days sound alike and have very similar styles. One of the best ways to stay up to date on newest music releases is to subscribe to the artist on Youtube. Emails are sent out to subscribers to keep them informed of new songs and/or videos. Another simple solution is to follow favorite musicians on Facebook or Twitter. Artists generally announce when a new song Read more »

May 01 2012

Get To Follow Your Favorite Recording Artist

It is very easy to follow the activities of your favorite recording artist or any celebrity. With social media dominating the internet, Facebook and Twitter have become very popular forms of communication between celebrities and their fans.

When following a famous person on Twitter, you want to make sure it’s actually that person by checking for the “authorization” check. This verifies that you are actually communicating with the celebrity you follow. Many of the famous people on Twitter will communicate and joke around with their fans. However, many famous people also get “haters” on Twitter and sometimes Read more »

Apr 28 2012

Favorite Recording Artists In One Place

Once a year there are several music recording artist award ceremonies held to honor the song writers, the musicians, and the singers for the incredible skills and talents they have. There are also award ceremonies that bring the recording artists together to present trophies for best, most popular, most sold, and entertainer of the year. There are several kinds of recording artists such as pop, country, soul, jazz, bluegrass, hip hop, RnB, techno for instance. Each category has their own yearly awards ceremony; and then there are some Read more »